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Two people celebrating their income tax return filing.



Make the call today for a brighter financial future.

NO upfront fees. NO need for income documentation.

Cash Back.

"I hadn't done my taxes in years and had no documentation. I made one call to Tax Warriors and 8 days Iater I received 10,000 dollars and over the next 6 weeks I received another 10,000. Absolutely thrilled !"  
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We fight for your benefits

"I had always done my own taxes.
I tried Tax Warriors and received over $9,000. Their experts knew exactly what I was missing. One phone call, hassle free."

Watch The Tax Warriors Video &
Find Out More How Tax Accountants Prepare Taxes

Person at a desk with tax problem

Feeling lost in the tax jungle? You’re not alone. Many Torontonians find taxes overwhelming and confusing. Hiring a tax accountant can make all the difference, turning a nightmare into a breeze. Tax Warriors offer a variety of specialized accounting services, such as back- taxes, GST/HST audits, income disclosures, corporate tax services, HST filing, and more. Let’s get started.

Tax Accountant having a virtual meeting

Tired of in person tax appointments and stacks of paperwork? At Tax Warriors we’ve revolutionized tax preparation with our virtual tax service. Say goodbye to stress and hello to convenience. Here’s how we make tax filing easy for you.

Woman throwing tax papers in the air

Tired of all the paperwork and documentation for tax filing? At Tax Warriors we simplify the process by not asking for income documentation from our clients. Instead we use Level 2 authorization to access your CRA file and documentation directly. But what is Level 2 authorization in Canada and how does it benefit you?

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